About us

In an Eclipse, sun and moon, light and shadow, unite day and night. It is a moment of crisis, and a moment of highest energy. Nature understands this pause, this turning point, and its intensity, and reacts accordingly. Animals will retreat to protected places to survive the event unharmed. If you look into the darkened sun, you run the risk of going blind.

An experience with psychedelic substances can often be of a similar nature. Again and again the sun can darken and make a retreat into a pleasant, protected atmosphere necessary. The party continues, but you need a break to be alone with yourself or your friends for a moment, to occupy yourself a little with the needs of your body, to relax and to gather new strength. We at eclipse set up a place like this for parties.
When fun gets serious
A trip not only has beautiful sides but can become a serious problem for the “traveler”, with whom he alone can no longer cope. A doctor or paramedic without experience with psychedelics will often not be able to treat extreme experiences other than through the administration of medication or even psychiatric admission. We often find a supportive and sensitive accompaniment better than a brutal termination, because the interruption of the experience can in no way represent a solution or even a cure. We think that by providing support, it is usually possible to prevent protracted complications and, on the contrary, often even to make the benefits of such an experience visible.
What it’s all about
“Are we able to understand anything if we condemn it?” J. Krishnamurti

We see ourselves as growing, learning beings and therefore see the need for meaningful integration of drug experiences into everyday life, for discovery of new forms of human togetherness and a conscious handling of substances for the best of personal development and general liveliness. We hope that everyone will have access to their own world of experience, according to their personal wishes and free of dogmatic worldviews. We believe that an acceptance-oriented approach to all drugs, especially party drugs and psychedelics, is more suitable for dealing with the current drug problem. The aim of our work is to promote communication between people, to improve the general level of information on the safe and conscious use of party drugs and to support an original, fun-oriented party culture, which we can only create and maintain through the positive participation of all.
What we have…
necessities of life (chai, water, fruit, isotonic drinks)
Information about party drugs, safer use, alternatives to substance use, drugs and spirituality, psychedelic experiences etc.
Massages and bodywork
Psychedelic first aid (accompaniment of crisis experiences after substance use)Would you like to join us? Here you can download a PDF to get a rough idea of what we expect from you, what you should consider and what we pay attention to…

Should you still miss or dislike something, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are grateful for all suggestions.

Your eclipse team

P.S.: Our online presence is not our strength. but it’s our turn! The site is under construction. Until completion you will receive all information about current meetings, information stands, party/festival events and to participate via the mailing list or the facebook page(s).